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Virtual or In-Person Sessions
I am available immediately for virtual sessions, and look forward to offering in-person sessions very soon. I will do my best to accommodate your preference.

Free Initial Consultation
The first step is to schedule the Initial Consultation in which we have the chance to discuss if we are a "good fit". I will have you (parent(s)/guardian(s) and potential client) reflect upon several questions before the meeting to better be able to share what your goals are for our work together.  During this meeting, I will also share more about the approach I can offer. After a chance to answer one another's questions, we will know if we all feel good about moving forward together. This meeting is provided at no charge.

The Assessment
This next step in moving forward will take a little time, but will help move us in the right direction.  Though not an exhaustive list, I will gain a sense of your/the client's strengths and challenges in the following areas:
*System of organization
*Breaking tasks into steps
*Avoidance and procrastination
*Communication and asking for help
*Time awareness and time management
*Stress and anxiety
*Emotional regulation and ways to "calm" the brain
*Sleep habits
*Physical activity and nutrition
*Technology overload
The assessment piece will also identify where you/the client most want to focus. Finally, consultation with teachers, mental health professionals and any other support involved is beneficial and conducted with your permission.

Weekly Sessions
Obviously, this is where the bulk of our work together happens. A "session" includes a 45 minute session together and 15 minutes of follow-up or check-ins in the form selected (virtual chat, text, email, etc...). Depending on the level of support needed, we may start with one or two sessions per week. As time and success progress, the number of sessions can decrease.  What we focus on will be determined initially by the assessment (see the list of skills above), and then by the client's progress over time. The systems, skills, and habits are taught at "the point of performance", which means I will not be giving the client practice exercises, but instead helping them build these skills through real life application and practice. 

Family Team Meetings
The Family Team Meetings can be a significant factor in increasing the client's success.  As the name implies, the goal is to create a sense of teamwork, and to define how the family can provide support and the client be able to receive support. The frequency of the meetings will be determined in part by age appropriateness and level of independence; however, most of the time a Family Team Meeting is recommended every 4-6 weeks. 

Investment (Charges, Invoice, and Payment Methods)
*The cost of services is billed at $90 per hour. 
*Invoices and payment methods will occur online through the Stripe system.  

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