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Am I the Right Coach for You?


I do not use a "cookie cutter" approach for all clients.  I want to tailor the process for each individual after getting to know more about their strengths and struggles. I want them to feel seen, heard, and understood. Then I can start with a prioritized plan to gradually take them down the pathways that will help the most.

Specifically, I can help them to:
*Create a system of organization that works for them
*Set goals and devise the steps that lead to reaching those goals
*Overcome avoidance and procrastination
*Communicate and enlist help
*Improve time awareness and time management
*Reduce stress and anxiety
*Regulate emotion and "calm" the brain
*Foster peace and teamwork among the family
*Embrace positive wellness habits related to sleep, physical activity, nutrition, and technology overload


Not only are these skills essential for success in school, but they greatly improve our quality of life-- better decision-making, relationships, and functioning in life. There is no "quick fix". This will take time and persistance. This is truly an investment.

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