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About Me

Thank you for considering me for this important role! What I can promise you is someone who will give you the personal attention and care you deserve, especially given the investment you are making. 


I spent 29 years as a middle school Health Education Teacher in the Boulder Valley School District. (For parents and guardians, before you imagine the less-than meaningful health class we typically had as kids, know that my experience was all about providing  progressive and comprehensive Health Education including in-depth physical, mental, emotional and social wellness topics.) In my mind, I had the best job in the world and approached it with devotion, passion, and compassion. Throughout my career, I facilitated student support groups which focused on the topics of coping skills, stress reduction, addiction in the family, or divorce/family change. In addition, I co-sponsored the "Allies in Diversity Club", creating a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ youth in our school, and the "BBRacers Club", a training group for the 10K BOLDERBoulder. All these aspects of my career allowed me to develop supportive relationships with students and an ability to connect with kids which I bring to my coaching style. 

I believe that all adolescents and young adults can be successful when they are given the right support and are willing to give new strategies a try. The pandemic created many additional challenges for them.  They just may need an extra boost right now, and guidance in getting the "pieces put back together".  I do not believe that one approach is right for every person; instead, I am bursting with ideas and tools to create a system that will not only work for them, but help them to thrive and build the next level of confidence.  I hold a B.S. in Secondary Education, with a Teaching Field of Health Education.  I completed a Master's Degree in Mental Health Practices in Schools through the University of Missouri. In addition, I have completed professional development training with Sean McCormick, Founder and Clinical Director of Executive Function Specialists, as well as attended TEFOS 2022 (The Executive Function Online Summit), and still continue with ongoing professional development.  I see great potential in blending the fields of Executive Function, Health Education, and Mental Health Practices into something very life-enhancing for my clients. 



As I said in my Mission Statement, I promise to provide enthusiastic support and celebration.  Having been in a school for 29 years, I can also offer empathy for the challenges and frustrations they feel, listen to what they need, and then provide the strategies that can move them forward. (As they say, "Forward is a Pace".) I will monitor each step, adjust what's not working, and gently push them to follow through on what they say they will do. I want to help you find a sense of teamwork as a family. Most of all, I want to celebrate when they no longer need me!

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